Free Nail Care Tips

Caring for your nails is an important element to good looking and groomed nails. Applying Nail varnish on chipped or broken nails will only make them look worse. You can follow a few simple tips to avoid the most obvious pitfalls and problems encountered when applying nail polish. First and foremost, it is important to keep your hands and nails moisturized at all times. You can use a hand and nail cream to achieve the desired effect. It is also advised to go for manicures once in 2 weeks.

Always store nail paints in a cool place away from sunlight to give them a longer shelf life. When applying nail paint, mix the color evenly by shaking the bottle and warming it up between the hands to let the polish flow freely. Apply Nail Enamel in 3-4 easy strokes and make sure you apply two thin coats letting the first one dry before you apply the last one. For maximum effect, ensure that the paint you use is a good quality one and is not too old. And lastly, remember the golden rule; ‘never apply fresh polish on old paint’.

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