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Best Nail Salon in Macon, Ga | DIY Product Review

Must-Have Nail Products| Macon, GA

As we get ready and look in the mirror, everything needs to look perfect. Ranging from the dress we wear, right down to the handbag we intend to carry. All elements combine to form an integral part of the ‘look’ we wish to create.

However, we often forget the nails. Imagine yourself as perfectly dressed from head to toe, but the nails appear chipped, bitten off, or with partially erased nail varnish. The entire image we intended to create appears to be in shambles, purely due to untidy nails.

Here dawns the importance of nails. They aren’t merely aspects one could overlook. Instead, they give a glimpse of the personality we possess. Whilst chewed off nails might reflect the person to be a nail-biter during stressful times. The nail colors we opt for are also depictive of our nature; from the neon shades for the eccentric ones, to pastel shades chosen by those with a subtler personality.

Each look is incomplete without having nails representative of you. One of the best things you could do, is to treat your nails for all that they accomplish for you. A visit to the Nail Salon on Zebulon Road in Macon, Ga could achieve just that. Pamper your nails, or if you cannot make your way to a nail salon in Macon, Ga, get nail care products at home, via self-service.

Some of the must-have nail products include:

  • A Suitable Nail File

Contrary to common opinion, merely any nail file does not work when we wish to get smooth, strong, glowing nails. It is preferable to get a nail file with curved edges. It is easier to use, and helps create much smoother edges. This is owing to being of similar shape to the nail shape we intend to create. A good nail file ensures that the nails do not break wrongfully, nor peel away. 

  • Cuticle Pusher

Unaware of the importance of cuticle health, we only truly observe our cuticles when we go for a manicure. The task of the cuticle pusher is as the name suggests, to push them back. This makes way for neater edges, and clean, healthy, and beautiful-looking nails. In case you are afraid of using the pusher, or cannot grasp how to, a simple visit to the Nail Care Salon in Macon, Ga, and you will find highly skilled staff doing all of this for you in reasonable prices. 

  • Cuticle Oil

Usually made of vegetable oil, the cuticle oil is a revolutionizing product for the nails. It acts as a moisturizing tool for the hands and nails. Healing dry skin, it improves the appearance of the nail. Furthermore, if you put on nail color, the cuticle oil helps the shine last longer.

  • Nail Polish and Strengthener

A sheer nail polish solely to maintain the health and appearance of your nails, the nail strengthening polish does its work exactly as expected. Giving the nails a beautiful and healthy shine, it also repairs nails which have become brittle, and makes them stronger. In case you opted for an Acrylic Nail by the Nail Salon in Macon, Ga, this strengthening polish can restore and improve your nail’s natural state, post-acrylic.

  • Cream

Of course the nails are extensions of the hands. Thus healthy, moisturized hands would mean healthier, pretty-looking nails. Hand and Nail Creams (perhaps by Body Shop) work well in the resultant hand texture and fragrance, whilst also smoothening the cuticles. In the same way, a hand and heel or foot cream could also be opted for, in case you wish for a self-provided pedicure.

  • Nail Buffer

If you wish to get shinier nails, without having to apply sheer nail polish, a nail buffer is a must-have. Buffers of successively finer grit not only give a natural shine to the nail, but also allow increased blood circulation to the nail. Better circulation means enhanced nail growth.

  • Base Coat

If you apply nail varnish very frequently, there is a possibility of nails getting stained, or losing their natural pinkish-color. To avoid this, and allow for neat application of nail color, purchase a base coat and apply that beforehand. Voila – stronger nails and a longer lasting manicure await your appreciation.

To pamper your nails, visit the best nail salon in Macon, Ga. Highly qualified manicurists and pedicurists await your arrival. For more relaxation, you can also opt for a massage. Lay back and let the magic occur as your nails transform into a canvas of beauty.

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