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Macon nail salon offers steam pedicures

MACON, Ga. — Steam pedicures are one of the most popular items offered at the recently opened Nail Bar in downtown Macon, but what is steam or ‘dry’ pedicure?

A steam/waterless/dry pedicure uses steam, unlike the standard pedicure that uses water. The steam is transferred from a machine into a steam pedicure sauna where the client’s feet are placed.

“It has more benefits than a regular pedicure. It’s a lot cleaner — the steam doesn’t carry bacteria,” said nail technician Maria Rostro.

She says steam pedicures promotes healthier skin and improves circulation.

The Nail Bar decided to offer steam pedicures to provide people with a new experience.

“We wanted to bring something new to the area,” said Rostro.

Belinda Chaney, a client at the Nail Bar, says she likes the experience and the cleanliness of the pedicure.

“It’s cleaner and it’s safer and the nail polish lasts longer,” said Chaney.

Many clients prefer steam pedicures according to Rostro, and they return again and again for them.

“It’s our number one pedicure, a lot of people get it,” she said.

According to Rostro, people return for the steam pedicure because it is more relaxing. Clients sit and steam for a few minutes before the nail technician begins.

The Nail Bar is located at 353 Second Street and is open Tuesday through Saturday.

13WMAZ tried to contact the North Central Health District to independently verify the claims that a dry pedicure is safer than a regular pedicure, but did not hear back.


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